Building Information Modeling


  • Prevents before it happensfritas 01
  • Avoid Risk
  • Generate Collaboration
  • Enhances Coordination and Communication
  • Increase in Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Save Cost: 5% to 15% total Project
  • Save Time: 5% to 10%

By means of visualizing before it happens we can avoid risk and prevent issues that otherwise would cause Delays and Over costs. Our BIM team focuses on a single priority which is cost avoidance.

BIM enhances collaboration, communication and coordination, it improves efficiency and effectiveness. It is applied in all phases of the Project from Pre-Design through Project Close out.

Technology Appsapp 1


Our platform has new and emergent technologies vital for the enhancement of efficiency and effectiveness for our management; administrative; environmental; and safety platforms.

We apply about 10 apps from start to finish in all our Management and PMO projects. These apps contribute in accessing; visualizing; administrating; organizing; generate and follow up of information.