BIM/VDC – Management

Building Information Modeling / Virtual Design & Construction (BIM/VDC)

BIM/VDC are methodologies that our team applies to all projects for cost avoidance and time savings purposes. Its application enhances collaboration, coordination and eficiency to all tasks and phases of the Project. BIM/VDC is a digital 3D representation of the design; specifications; requirements and changes. We have produced between 5% and 15% cost savings to projects and substantial time savings.

From the 3D representation, information is assigned to each element and then managed throughout all phases of the Project for Safety, Cost, Time and Quality Benefits.

As part of our Technology Platform and our BIM/VDC services we include softwares and essential apps on each Project. We include each license to provide our standard Construction Managment Service being more efficient and effective on each task and producing benefits to our clients on each phase.