CM Best Practices: sp Job Safety:
plaforma_04 Based out of the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) with the support of the Construction Industry Institute (CII) it is considered the best standard of care. Our Certified Construction Managers assure best practices in place. plaforma_01 We have Certified professionals as well as professionals that are in training for OSHA +30 Certification, we have coordinated and trained more than 9 professionals. We plan before hand with 3D simulation using BIM/VDC methods.
Technology: Sustainability:
plaforma_02 The application of BIM/VDC as well as other Emergent Technologies have contributed to our management efforts in reducing 5% to 15% the cost of our projects as well as substantial time reductions. Job Safety is also planned with BIM/VDC methodology before any construction starts. (more info ) plaforma_03 We have accredited LEED professionals that have done more than 30 projects in the US and Latin-America.
Our culture is transpired in our way of managing the project we will use paperless drawings to review and manage the project and innovative ideas to help reduce our footprint.


Our platform is made possible thanks to our excellent recruitement and training programs

Resources: Training:
plaforma_06 We have a broad professional network with experience in different fields of construction. We interview in advance our resources and evaluate their professional ethics, attitude, knowledge and experience. We have a bench in all Countries of Latin America and Caribbean. plaforma_05 Our internal training programs of our platform are given to all our resources including our Management, Technology, Safety and Sustainability Platform. We are also regular attendees of the CMAA Annual Conference and BIM-Forums.