Prodensa Group


Project Management Office (PMO): Leading and Administration of PMOUGN con Marco 1

Clients from México, Europe and United States

  • Development of Process and Procedures Manual of PRODENSA
  • Leadership of Construction Management; BIM; Environmental; Design & Engineering Services
  • Planning, Coordinating, Executive Administration
  • 1.5 million square feet of industrial facilities annually
  • 100 million dlls of investment managed annually

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

  • Complete Model of Projects LOD 400Fritas marco 1
  • BIM Collaboration & Coordination
  • Design Analysis: Errors, Omissions, Obstructions, Clashes, Value
  • Review of norms as per IBC, NCCDM, ADA, others
  • Managed Cost, Time, Quality, Safety during Planning & Construction
  • Mobile Applications applied as per our Technology Platform

Recursos Humanos

  • Resource Adquisition
  • Training of on site Construction Managers